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Notes: Lions hit every draft need in Detroit Jock City’s latest 7-round mock

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This is pretty much a best case scenario.

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NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

  • This Darius Slay hype video is FIRE EMOJI X 100000000000000:

  • One of the perks of the owners meetings in Florida is that coaches and managers are available to the media. So this week we have a slew of interviews available to consume. Thankfully, the Detroit Lions have video of almost all of them:
  • Bob Quinn
  • Matt Patricia
  • Rod Wood’s Tori Petry also has separate, shorter interviews with Bob Quinn (here) and Matt Patricia (here).

  • Here’s the NFL version of “Who Wore it Best”

  • When a few Lions players participated in the anthem protests last year, Lions owner Martha Ford promised to donate her time and name to a cause related to the protest’s goal. On Monday, team president Rod Wood detailed the three causes, which Lions players dubbed “Lions Pride in the Community.”

  • NFL owners failed to adopt the “Josh McDaniels rules,” which would have allowed teams to hire coaching assistants while their teams are still in the playoffs. You’ll never guess one of the teams that was opposed to the rule change: