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2018 NFL full 7-round draft order: A look at the Lions’ 6 picks

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The Lions have six picks in the 2018 NFL draft. Here’s a look at all of them.

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On Friday, the 2018 NFL Draft order was finalized after a coin flip determined the tiebreaker between the 49ers and Raiders, who finished with an identical record and strength of schedule. San Francisco won the toss and will be picking ninth overall. The Raiders will be picking 10th.

You can view the full seven-round draft order here (via the Minnesota Vikings), but the news for Detroit Lions fans is that the team has six total selections in the draft. There was some concern that the Lions no longer had a seventh-round pick, as a result from the 2016 trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Johnthan Banks. However, this now confirms that the conditions of the trade were never met (Banks played in just two games in Detroit before getting waived).

The Lions are still missing their sixth-round pick, which they sent to the Rams for Greg Robinson last year. The other six picks are their normal picks. You may notice that Detroit’s pick in the round continually goes up in each progressive round. That’s because the Lions’ 9-7 record was tied with five other non-playoff teams, and the order of those teams changes each round.

Here’s a look at the six picks the Lions currently have in the 2018 NFL draft.

Round 1, Pick 20: 20th overall
Round 2, Pick 19: 51st overall
Round 3, Pick 18: 82nd overall
Round 4, Pick 17: 117th overall
Round 5, Pick 16: 153rd overall
Round 7, Pick 19: 237th overall