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Sunday open thread: Which NFL Combine drill is your favorite to watch?

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What is your favorite combine event to watch?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The premier event of the NFL Combine is undoubtedly the 40-yard dash. Each drill has its own importance, especially for specific positions, but for whatever reason, the 40-yard dash has become the staple event from the weekend.

I get it. We all like races. We race cars, horses, people on ice skates, people on foot, people in the water. So, essentially the 40-yard dash is essentially watching a track and field event, and people like that. It is also pretty important for every since NFL position, whether you’re using the full 40-yard dash time or just the 10 and 20-yard splits.

But there are so many other events during the week in Indianapolis. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which NFL Combine drill is your favorite to watch?

My answer: I’m a stickler for drills that most resemble actual football, so my favorite Combine event is the gauntlet drill. You know, this one. The one where receiverscatch about seven passes from both stationary and moving positions.

While it mostly measures a player’s ability to catch the ball, it also is a good look at how receivers will be running over the middle of the field, and their short-field quickness. It’s a particularly tricky drill, simply because of the speed. So if a receiver nails it, there’s a good chance they’ve got the hands to make it in the next level.

Your turn.