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Ask POD: Heading for free agency

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Our final PODcast before free agency. Time to send us your questions.

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The long two-month wait is nearly over. After an exhaustive coaching search and a month of over-analyzing every inch of Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn press conferences, free agency is nearly here. The Detroit Lions will officially begin the Patricia-Quinn roster building era next week, and it’s time for us to finish our PODcast free agency preview.

This week, we’ll have a loaded podcast. Kent Lee Platte will join us to discuss everything the NFL Combine had to offer last week. We’ll talk about who impressed, who failed to do so, and what it all means for the Lions. Then we’ll turn our focus to free agency, see what has changed in the past few weeks, and make some predictions before things get buck-wild next week.

But just because we have a jam-packed show doesn’t mean we won’t have time to answer your questions. Ultimately this show is for you, and we’ll always make time for our dear listeners.

So in the comment section below, give us your questions. Be creative, be unique and be interesting. They don’t have to be Lions questions—in fact, we usually prefer them not to be, since we typically answer many of those questions during the remainder of the PODcast and tend to get a lot of the same questions.

Put on your thinking caps, give us something to talk about in our mailbag segment, and don’t forget to subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Spreaker.