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Lions LB Tahir Whitehead appears excited for free agency

The veteran linebacker tweeted out some interesting feelings regarding free agency.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

One of the bigger choices for the Detroit Lions over the next week is the fate of starting linebacker Tahir Whitehead. The six-year veteran is set to become a free agent when the league year starts next Wednesday, and the Lions have to make a decision whether to give him an extension or let him hit the open market.

So far, there have been no real indications as to what the Lions will do. However, this much appears to be certain: Tahir Whitehead is excited for whatever is to come next. On Wednesday morning Whitehead tweeted out simply, “One week left,” with a few accommodating emojis.

When we connected the dots to free agency being exactly one week away, Whitehead responded with this GIF:

Obviously, you can interpret Whitehead’s tweets in several ways. First, he’s saying “one week away” and that seems to indicate that the Lions aren’t likely to come to an agreement with the linebacker before free agency begins. On the contrary, his tweets could simply be an expression of excitement knowing he’s finally going to get a solid payday. Next week also represents a deadline for the Lions to make a deal with Whitehead before they lose sole negotiating rights with him.

Of course, Whitehead may just be excited for the unknown. Free agency can be just as exciting for a player as it is stressful. It’s a chance at a fresh start, and it’s a chance for players to get a new contract—something most NFL athletes only get one or two shots at.

Ultimately, Whitehead’s tweets don’t really give away what the Lions are going to do with him, but it certainly appears that whatever happens next, Whitehead will be ready for... with or without pants.