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Lions notes: Matthew Stafford has made more money than any other QB since 2010

Stafford has cashed in since entering the league.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images
  • Matthew Stafford has been the beneficiary of being the part of the last NFL Draft class that had an extremely favorable rookie wage scale. As a result of that, and his record-breaking deal in 2017, he has the most cash earnings of any quarterback since 2010:

  • Thursday marks the two-year anniversary of Calvin Johnson officially retiring from the NFL. Not to take anything away from Calvin’s career—he was a god-send at the time—but Stafford has only been better since Megatron left:

Meinke has more on the Lions not missing Calvin here.

  • Former Lions receiver Anquan Boldin is spending his time trying to improve the relationships between police officers and their communities:

  • What players could the Lions potentially pick up in an Eric Ebron trade? Ash Thompson of Detroit Jock City lists a handful of player pickups, if the Lions don’t want to do a pure player-for-picks trade.