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Lions notes: Mike Evans’ new contract highlights Detroit’s bargains for Golden Tate, Marvin Jones Jr.

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The Lions are playing with 3 receivers on a bargain.

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Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Of course, Golden Tate is entering the final year of his deal and could be headed for a contract extension at some point this offseason.

  • The Lions are doing a pretty cool thing and have hired former Patriots offensive lineman Billy Yates as the team’s William Clay Ford Minority Coaching Assistantship. The team didn’t provide any clarification as to what that position entails.

  • Dropped passes weren’t much of a problem for the Detroit Lions in 2017:

  • Lions Wire points out that draft crush Vita Vea is a top three fit with the Lions according to NDT Scouting’s Scott Bischoff.

  • The popular (but pricey) Taste of the Lions event at Ford Field has been announced for 2018. It will take place on May 16, and tickets go on sale next week for $175 per person.

  • Chris Burke of The Athletic posted a Free Agency Big Board (subscription required) full of 50 players the Lions could target in the upcoming free agency period.

  • I don’t know what this means for Eric Ebron, but it seems like it may mean something:

  • Our friends at Baltimore Beatdown considered a trade for Ebron, speculating that a third or fourth-round pick could be worth it for the young tight end.