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Sunday open thread: Which Lions draft pick are you glad you were wrong about?

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Which Lions draft pick made you happy that you weren’t the Lions GM?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The NFL draft is an impossible thing to figure out. It’s impossible to look at the 224 players that are drafted every year and tell whether any team made the right decision or not on any of them. Yet it’s something we all do year in and year out.

Today’s question of the day is all about the players that the Lions drafted that you scoffed at initially, only to be happy you didn’t have the keys to the franchise when the pick was made?

For example, way back in 2009, I felt the Lions made a big mistake when they drafted some chubby scruffy kid from Georgia. Going into the draft, Matthew Stafford was the consensus number one pick for the Lions, but I desperately wanted the Lions to pass and draft Mark Sanchez.

34,749 yards, 216 touchdowns, 118 interceptions, countless records and a butt fumble later, I couldn’t be happier with what the Lions did that day. Who’s the Lions draft pick that proved you wrong the most?