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4 things to know about new Detroit Lions cornerback Raysean Pringle

Learning about Pringle from a good friend behind enemy lines.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to 4 Questions. We took a little break this past week because the Lions took a little break from signing free agents, but this week, the Lions ended that break to catch the biggest fish of free agency within that particular hour, cornerback Raysean Pringle.

Let’s be honest, I don’t know who Pringle is. You probably don’t either. So I’ll give you a little background here. In 2017, Pringle was an undrafted rookie out of Southern Utah University. You may remember Southern Utah from the last time the Lions picked up a guy from that school: Mr. Miles Killebrew. So there’s a nice little connection there.

Pringle spent his rookie season mostly with the Green Bay Packers. He has yet to play in a single NFL game during the regular season. However, that won’t stop us from seeking information, and the best thing about this is that I get the chance to work on this piece with a friend: Matt Matonich of Acme Packing Company, affectionately know as “Matub.” I can say that Matt is a guy I would consider a friend in this crazy NFC North world.

As always, the one thing that brought two fans of rival teams together was food. Our story began with the greatest pizza in the world and crazy scheme to get that pizza from Matt in Colorado to me in Michigan.

So I knew I could go to Matub anytime I needed some answers on an obscure signing. Raysean Pringle has made that happen. Here’s what Matub had to say about him.

POD: What are your overall thoughts on Pringles time in Green Bay?

APC: “The best word for Pringle’s time in Green Bay would be “incomplete”. As an undrafted rookie he lasted on the roster until the final 53 cut down. After that he was signed to Jacksonville’s practice squad. They released him shortly thereafter and he ended up back on Green Bay’s practice squad in November. Outside of some preseason reps we don’t really know a whole lot about him.”

POD: What are his strengths?

APC: “Raysean is your standard height/weight/speed prospect from an FCS team. He’s 190lbs while flirting with 6 feet tall, runs in the low 4.4s, and put up 24 reps on the bench at his pro day. Kent Lee Platte’s Relative Athletic Score has him as a 7.76. He played WR in college and returned some kicks. You’d expect his athleticism to translate somewhere on special teams.”

POD: What are his weaknesses?

APC: “As a converted WR, he’s definitely inexperience as a DB. Outside of that, we just don’t know much about him. The Packers placed him below other cool-named DBs you’ve never heard of like Donatello Brown and Lenzy Pipkins. Are they better players? Most likely. Around the time Pringle landed back on Green Bay’s practice squad, Donatello was elevated to the active roster. All the while, Pipkins appeared in 12 games. Are their names cooler than Pringle? That’s up in the air at this point.”

POD: Can Pringle make a any impact in Detroit? Or is he likely to play nothing more than a special teams role?

APC: “The Packers have a coach on their defensive staff named Joe Whitt Jr. Joe who is often heralded as a guru of converted WRs. He’s quite good at taking gifted athletes and creating functional DBs. Sam Shields went from UDFA WR to Pro Bowler under Whitt. Future HoFer and University of Michigan legend Charles Woodson called him one the of the best DB coaches he’d ever been around. With all that said, Joe couldn’t turn Raysean into a starting corner. Maybe he needed more time, but it looks like special teams is where he will rest. Big, strong, and fast will always translate and his experience as a kick returner in college could prove useful. I doubt that, however, as you guys have one of the best returners in the league right now.

In my not-so-expert opinion, I’d call this a camp body signing and not much more.”

I want to thank Matub for giving us way more Raysean Pringle information than anyone thought we’d ever get. If you’re ever looking for Packers info, go check out his stuff at Acme Packing Company and the Pack To The Future podcast.

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