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VIDEO: Ranking top 8 realistic options for Detroit Lions’ first-round draft pick

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Jerry Mallory is back and ranks his top 8 choices for the Lions 20th overall pick in the draft.

Jerry Mallory is back, and he’s ready to take on the Detroit Lions2018 NFL Draft. If you missed it last week, Jerry made his triumphant return and broke down the Lions’ 2018 schedule. Today, he turns his attention to the Lions’ first-round draft pick.

In the video above, Jerry runs down 14 players he’s sure the Lions won’t have a shot at—some the Lions won’t have any interest in pick, others would only be pipe dreams at 20th overall.

Then he turns his attention to the prospects who could very well be in play when the Lions are on the clock on Thursday. Jerry lists, and ranks, the top eight players the Lions could (and should) take in the first round. Some of his picks may surprise you. Some are near unanimous draft crushes among Lions fans.

What do you think of his rankings? Are there any player he omits that you’d take in the first round? Sound off in the comments!