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Sunday open thread: What is your favorite family-related sports memory?

On Mother’s Day, let’s take some time to reflect on some wholesome family sports memories.

Tennessee Titans v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

It’s been a long week for Detroit Lions fans, so I thought maybe we could finish the week with a light-hearted topic.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and that’s always a good day to reflect on what family has meant to you over your life. For some (like myself), family has been instrumental in building your love for both sports and the Detroit Lions. For others, family has nothing to do with their fandom, maybe, instead, they have a group of people they consider their football family, or maybe they are building their own Lions-obsessed family.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite family-related sports memory?

My answer: Since it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll stick with a memory of my mom and sports. My favorite memory with my mom was her legitimate interest in my youth baseball career.

My mom was never a big fan of sports. Early on, she went to Lions games with my dad and I, but usually used the opportunity to finish the latest Stephen King novel.

However, she went to damn near every single one of my little league games and quickly became the team’s official scorekeeper. I’m not just talking about runs scored, she was doing it the old-fashioned way that you still see some of the older generations do at the professional ballpark.

After every inning in which I was at bat, I would rush over to her to see my batting average for the day and the season (I was the only person she would do this for).

As a kid, it meant a lot to see my mom interested in something I was interested in. It’s one thing to share something with your peers, it’s another to see your family joining in on the fun. Thanks, mom.

Your turn.

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