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PODcast takes on the Matt Patricia allegations, Lions’ response

This week’s PODcast devotes most of its time to the Matt Patricia sexual assault indictment from 22 years ago.

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The PODcast crew has had almost a full week to digest the big news that broke last week. A lot of emotions have surged through the Detroit Lions fanbase after The Detroit News unearthed 22-year-old sexual assault allegations against head coach Matt Patricia. The PODcast is here to recap what we know, and explain how it has made us feel as fellow human beings, Lions fans and media members alike.

To help bring us a fresh perspective, we brought along Meghan Dooley, a sexual assault survivor herself and an avid football fan. She helps break down the fan conundrum of supporting a team that is facing some serious, but unproven, allegations. She also provides a background for Patricia’s allegations with similar cases that have permeated sports culture.

We also talk about some football itself, so if you’re sick of the story, you can skip the first two segment of this week’s episode.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Clearing up what exactly we know about the Matt Patricia case and what we don’t. There’s a lot of misinformation out there.
  • What is the media’s obligation in covering this story? Did The Detroit News do anything illegal? Immoral? Unethical?
  • We talk about the Lions’ problematic response to the news, and a few mistakes that president Rod Wood made along the way.
  • Where does our fandom stand now? The crew discusses their current status with the Lions and Patricia himself.
  • Rookie minicamp happened! We don’t know much about it, but we briefly discuss what we do know.
  • SPORTS GAMBLING MAY BE LEGAL SOON. We discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of the Supreme Court’s huge decision.
  • Mailbag talks overrated comedians, alternate universes in which the Lions drafted DeMarcus Ware, and clickbait articles.

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