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Friday open thread: What is your favorite single moment in Detroit Lions history?

The Red Wings have the Yzerman double-OT goal. What’s the Lions’ equivalent moment?

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Wednesday was the 22-year anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in Detroit sports history. 1996 NHL playoffs. Detroit Red Wings vs. St. Louis Blues. Western Conference Semifinals. Game 7.

Double. Overtime.

As the Red Wings’ Twitter account so accurately describes, as a Detroit hockey fan, it’s hard to watch Steve Yzerman lazer that puck top shelf without immediately being overcome by chills.

While the Wings have had much more success than the Detroit Lions over the past 25 years, the Lions have had their fair share of iconic moments both recently and in franchise history. Today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite single moment in Detroit Lions history?

My answer: There is really only one moment in Lions history that will truly send shivers down my spine and cover me in goosebumps any time I watch a replay of it.

Not only is the moment a tremendous display of an unthinkable competitive spirit. Not only was it a game-winning play in the face of unbelievable odds. But it represents the exact instant in which the pathetic Lions of the Matt Millen era were gone. A new era was upon us, and better times were ahead.

Of course, I’m talking about Matthew Stafford’s game-winning pass against the Cleveland Browns after separating his shoulder on the previous play. I don’t need to defend my choice any longer. Just watch it again.

Your turn.

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