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Sunday open thread: Which Detroit Lions player provides the best fantasy football value?

Who will be the steal of your draft?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL and NBA playoffs are winding down with just over a round of games left to go. Soon there will only be baseball to hold us over until football season. But as soon as basketball and hockey season end, it’s time to start seriously thinking about your fantasy football team.

Now that rookies have been drafted, serious fantasy football players are already likely planning out their drafting strategies for when the time comes in a few month. Obsessors may already be building their big boards.

One of the tricky parts about being a fantasy football player and Detroit Lions fan is navigating whether any Lions players should end up making your squad. Typically, it hasn’t been the best of ideas in the past, but Detroit’s receiving corps has been solid, though unspectacular as of late. While Matthew Stafford never seems to get the amount of points he deserves.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Lions player do you think will hold the most fantasy value in 2018?

My answer: To clarify, I’m not asking which Lions player will get the most fantasy points this season. Instead, I’m asking which player will have the most value—or which player will produce the best stats in respect to where they are drafted.

I don’t play fantasy sports, because they distract from the game and actually make it less fun for me, but I’ll answer the question anyways.

I think Kenny Golladay may provide the most value among all Lions. Right now, Kenny Golladay is the 164th ranked fantasy player, according to That’s 61st among wide receivers. Dede Westbrook, Michael Gallup, D.J. Moore and Ted Ginn Jr. are just some of the names listed about Golladay right now.

As a rookie, Golladay finished with 28 receptions, 477 yards and three touchdowns. But he missed a few games last season, and his role should only increase in 2018. Because I haven’t played fantasy football in almost a decade, I’m the last person you should be taking advice from, but Golladay could be the steal of your fantasy draft—provided you don’t have a bunch of Lions fans in your league.

Your turn.

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