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VIDEO: Dan Orlovsky calls Matthew Stafford the best 2-minute drill quarterback in the league

He may be biased, but he also has a point.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

“Good Morning Football” has been one of the most Detroit Lions-friendly shows of all national football programming. Whether it’s because of co-host (and former Lions receiver) Nate Burleson or simply because the show was created during an era in which the Lions were somewhat relevant remains to be seen.

But on Tuesday morning, the show brought on former Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky and the Lions love continued. After discussing with the gang which quarterback he’d start a franchise with right now (Carson Wentz), the conversation moved to best two-minute drill quarterback. His answer will not surprise you.

“Nine,” Orlovsky said without a second’s hesitation. “I’m taking Matthew Stafford. I’m taking Matthew Stafford. I’m taking Matthew Stafford and everyone in the building knows that’s the guy that you’re scared of. Here’s the thing, a lot of guys in the NFL are good at it. They’ve got reps at it, they’re comfortable in it, all that stuff. To be great at it, to be the best at it, you’ve got to be fearless, fearless of the result, because at some point during that two-minute drill that ball has got to go in harm’s way. You’ve got to make that throw you probably shouldn’t make, and he’s the one guy in the NFL that is fearless.”

Obviously Orlovsky has some bias here, seeing as he sat in the quarterback’s room next to Stafford for three years in Detroit, and he’s been with the Lions organization for a total of seven years. However, there are some stats that back up Orlovsky’s bold claim.

Stafford currently ranks 15th all-time in game winning drives—trailing only six current quarterbacks: Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer and Matt Ryan—all of which have at least three years on Stafford. Orlovsky brings some eye-popping stats of his own, too.

“(Since 2014) Brady, Brees, Big Ben in fourth-quarter, two-minute kind of game-changing drives, they’ve done it 11 times (each), where they’ve taken the lead,” Orlovsky says. “Matt Ryan’s done 13. Matthew Stafford’s done it 20 times. 20 times. That’s a third of the games he’s played in, in that span. That’s nuts. The greater stat: He’s had 24 chances to do it, he’s done it 20 out of 24, and one of those times was Calvin Johnson’s fumble in Seattle.”

Another one of those four missed opportunities that Dan doesn’t even bring up is the 10-second runoff last year vs. the Falcons. That’s two more times he was literally within inches of mounting a last-minute comeback.

Orlovsky makes a compelling argument, though he leaves out the fact that the Lions have had more opportunities for these two-minute drills than most other teams. Still, a 20/24 success rate in the fourth quarter is truly phenomenal, and nobody can take that away from Stafford.

Do you agree with Orlovsky? Is Stafford really the best two-minute drill quarterback in the league right now or is he just getting the most opportunities?


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