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PODcast discusses Lions among the all-time greats

LISTCAST Pass Rusher Edition, Wayback Machine to Lions @ Packers and so much more.

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Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be July without NFL fans debating a list. Not just any list, but a list with numbers, names and faces of players and where they belong in the annals of history. With NFL media bored and kicking around rocks until football comes back, we’ve got two such incidents: a list of all-time wide receivers and a Mount Rushmore that has Cowboys fans angry.

The Lions factor into both of these. Can you guess who?

But that’s not all on the latest PODcast. We also continue the LISTCAST series and run a big mailbag out there. Grab a cool slice of fruit and enjoy.

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This week on PODcast

  • Barry Sanders vs. Emmitt Smith? Not like Ryan hasn’t hit the Dallas nest a few times.
  • NFL Media lists Calvin Johnson #18 among all-time wide receivers?
  • ...but is it just us, as Lions fans, that feel the need to come to plate for these topics? Introspection, my dear Watson.
  • Top 10 pass rushers in a new episode of LISTCAST.
  • Wayback Machine takes us to Lambeau Field as the Lions pick up a win and break a three-game losing streak. But would it have been the same if Aaron Rodgers were on the field?
  • Mailbag ranks the top Gatorade flavors, discusses Fortnite, reviews critical weaknesses to the Lions team in 2018 and enjoys highlights from flag football.

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