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VIDEO: Watch Golden Tate burn Drew Brees’ sons on the football field

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The Brees sons just got a big lesson in humility.

Is there anything better than watching a grown man send a child’s basketball shot seven rows into the bleachers? I have to say, I absolutely never get sick of it. Whether it’s Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond, Jahlil Okafor or Billy Madison, there’s just nothing like watching a professional athlete assert their dominance over a child.

I’m no monster. I don’t want these kids to have their confidence destroyed or get publicly embarrassed....buuuuuuuuut every now and then, it’s nice to watch a blindsided kid learn a very valuable lesson that adult athletes are pretty dang good.

While clips of these basketball owns tend to go viral every time, there doesn’t seem to be a football equivalent. Obviously, we can’t have Aaron Donald destroying a six-year-old quarterback or Marshawn Lynch trucking an unsuspecting third grader.

But Golden Tate may have found the new frontier of little kids getting owned by professional athlete videos. This week he was working out alongside Saints quarterback Drew Brees. During the practices, Tate found a little extra time to teach Brees’ sons, Baylen (9) and Bowden (7), a little lesson about humbleness. (h/t @sweta2311)

Tate not only destroys the kids two decades his junior, but he displays some pretty impressive routes in the process. Though he’s been renowned as the YAC King thanks to his excellent moves after the catch, his route running is a bit underrated. In the second video, especially, Tate’s precise cuts are on full display.

So now we have video of Marvin Jones Jr. owning his son Xavier Rhodes and Golden Tate owning Drew Brees’ son. Who’s next?