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VIDEO: Lions teammate impressions 2.0 is better than the first

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Bet you can’t watch without laughing.

A week ago, the Detroit Lions dropped a video of players doing impressions of each other. As with much of the video content the team has been dropping this offseason, it was awesome.

The Lions dropped part 2 of the impression game on Friday, and unlike most sequels, it may have topped the original. Check it out:

I don’t even know where to start here. There’s Miles Killebrew pretending to be Dr. Zenner, then coiffing his hair to impersonate Ameer Abdullah, then juking like Theo Riddick. There’s Darius Slay’s shoulder twitch that apparently resembles Matthew Stafford.

But, again, the star of the video is Graham Glasgow. Paired with the equally hilarious Quandre Diggs, Glasgow is comedy gold. Last time, he pulled off a perfect impression of Golden Tate. This time, he squabbled with Diggs about “Black Panther” and then tried a Darius Slay impression that was equal parts cringe-worthy and hilarious.

...and it didn’t take long for Slay to respond:

Let’s hope there’s a Part 3 around the corner.