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Notes: Watch Lions players hand out hilarious awards to teammates

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Who is the smartest player on the team? Who has the best hair?

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • Sadly we have come to the end of the amazing Detroit Lions offseason videos, as produced by the team’s official website. The good news is that the team finished on a high note. Lions players handed out superlative awards for things like “best hair” or “most likely to have a reality show” and the results were hilarious:

  • Just more proof that Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense is mastering the long ball:

  • It turns out WJR’s original plan was to add Lomas Brown to the Dan Miller-Jim Brandstatter radio duo. However, at some point, the radio station simply decided to move on from Brandstatter. The Detroit Free Press has more details.

  • Matt Patricia already has a doppelganger in Detroit:

  • Lions Wire has a good analysis of Lions receiver TJ Jones, and suggests he could serve as a cheaper (but less talented) Golden Tate replacement in 2019.