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Wednesday open thread: Who is the 1 Detroit Lions player you’re excited to see in training camp?

We’re just two days away from the opening of Lions training camp.

NFL: Detroit Lions-Minicamp Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In my experience, training camp can be a bit overwhelming. At any given moment, there are so many things going on at once, that it’s usually best to go into practice with a gameplan. Having a list of players or positions you want to observe is a good way of getting the most out of practice. Of course, then you run the risk of missing something big in a different portion of practice, and nothing is worse than FOMO.

Still, prioritizing training camp as a fan is important, and today, I’d like to hear what you all are prioritizing with this team. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Who is the one Detroit Lions player you’re most excited to see at training camp?

My answer: I’m tempted to say Kerryon Johnson, because who wouldn’t be excited to see someone who is expected to pull the Lions’ running game out of the grave?

However, my choice is someone who may be even more instrumental to the Lions’ success in 2018: Devon Kennard.

By now, every Lions fan is aware of Detroit’s pass-rushing weakness. It was not very good last year, and with Ezekiel Ansah on the PUP list again, confidence in this group is already justifiably low.

But Kennard represents the one reason to hold onto a bit of optimism. While Kennard’s pass-rushing stats are modest at best (9.5 career sacks), his versatility and skillset could be vital in Matt Patricia’s “multiple” defensive schemes.

I’m not only curious to see how Kennard plays during training camp, but I’m intrigued with how the Lions will use him. He lined up all over the place with the Giants, and while he’s listed as a linebacker on the Lions’ official roster, I fully expect him to occasionally line up with his hands in the dirt.

Patricia was brought in, at least partially, to help fix this defense that has been struggling ever since Ndamukong Suh left town. Kennard may hold the key to that in 2018, so I’m fascinated by his potential.

Your turn.