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The Detroit Lions have hosted the NFL’s most exciting games since 2009

Ford Field has been a madhouse over the past nine seasons.

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

If you have been lucky enough to attend a home Detroit Lions game over the past nine years, there’s a pretty good chance you were treated to an exciting game. Though the result hasn’t always been the desired outcome—the Lions are 38-34 at home since 2009—Detroit has managed to make most of their games interesting.

In fact, our friends at Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation curated game stats and found that the Detroit Lions have collectively had the most exciting home games of all 32 teams in the NFL.

Their research is based on three different factors: excitement index, comeback factor, and strength of teams. Excitement index is based on the swing of win probability within a game. Comeback factor ties in both score differential and whether a game was an upset or not. Strength of teams makes sure that when talking about exciting games, we’re not talking about Browns vs. Bears.

So when you take all of that into account, no NFL venue has hosted more consistently entertaining games than Ford Field. Of course, that isn’t all that surprising to any Lions fans. Consider all of the classic moments that Ford Field has produced in the past decade: Matthew Stafford’s initial last-play comeback against the Browns, the fake spike comeback against the Cowboys, the Thursday Night Hail Mary or even last year’s 10-second runoff.

One cool thing about Bleeding Green Nation’s research is that it also points out the most exciting individual games. Of all NFL games over the past nine years, the Lions were a part of two of the most entertaining seven games: the Hail Mary against the Packers (No. 2) and their 24-point comeback against the Cowboys in 2011 (No. 7). As a side note, the Lions away games were ranked as the fifth most exciting game.

Bleeding Green Nation even made it so you can sort by the Lions’ most exciting games at home or away. So head over there and play around with their impressive research.

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