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Monday open thread: What’s your most prized piece of Lions memorabilia?

A jersey? A ticket stub? An autograph?

NFL: Detroit Lions-Training Camp Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday is the best day of the week like five months out of the year, but right now, with football season inching ever so slowly back into operation, Sundays can really suck. There’s nothing quite like dedicating an entire day to reorganizing a closet, especially when the start of the work week is right around the corner because, you know, what better time to decide to try and get your life in order than the last minute?

But even in the darkest dog days of summer, forearms deep in a closet full of things you swear you’ll need soon and will then find a new spot to collect dust in a different spot, football can find a way to brighten up your day.

As I was cleaning out said closet, I found something that didn’t belong in the box it was hiding in. Earlier this year, I moved—which is like the fourth or fifth circle of Dante’s hell—but tucked away in one box that went without getting unpacked was a gift from a fellow Pride of Detroit contributor. Not only did this make my whole day infinitely better, but it gave me the inspiration for today’s Question of the Day.

What’s your most prized piece of Lions memorabilia?

For me, it’s this little beauty right here:

Thanks again, Kato.

No longer cooped up in a box—and instead now prominently displayed in my room—this autographed photo of Sam Martin can be the conversation starter it should have been for the past however many months. As always, if you’re trying to find a way to make your Sunday better, seek football.

What about for you? It’s your turn to tell me all about all the types of Lions memorabilia you’re proud to own.

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