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Wednesday open thread: Who do you want to hear more about at Detroit Lions camp?

Who are we neglecting at Lions camp?

NFL: Detroit Lions-Training Camp Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It has been nearly a week of Detroit Lions training camp, and the first four practices of the season have given you a taste of what’s to come. You’ve undoubtedly pored over every training camp report you could get your hands on to see how the rookies are doing, or how the second-year players are progressing, or maybe you’re one of the weirdos obsessed about the backup quarterback battle.

Either way, you’ve been teased with how some of these players have looked so far, but you’ve hardly gotten the big picture yet. There are 90 players on this roster, and as hard as Kent Lee Platte may try, it’s impossible to get a full look at all of them during a couple of practices. So I’m guessing there are a few players out there you’re eager to hear about, but have yet to see any satisfying reports on them.

So as the Lions return to practice on Wednesday morning, here’s your chance to give us your input. Today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Lions player do you want to hear more about from training camp?

My answer: I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep a close eye on it because the offensive line tends to practice out of my vision, but I am interested in the offensive line depth and the play of such guys like Joe Dahl, Tyrell Crosby and Brian Mihalik.

All offseason, Lions fans have been repeating the mantra “If the offensive line stays healthy...” as if they don’t know in the back of their brain that that’s unlikely to happen. The Lions’ offensive line didn’t fail last year because of injuries, they failed because of a lack of depth. They failed because they had to rely on a washed first-round bust at left tackle.

You can’t wish away injuries, so there’s a pretty good chance the Lions will deal with a couple more in 2018. The best way to counteract that is with depth, and the Lions may have some promising talent in reserves. Joe Dahl can no longer play the “adjusting to an NFL offense” card. Brian Mihalik has also had enough time to adjust to his new position. And Tyrell Crosby offers intrigue after a successful college career and a skill set that is versatile.

Unfortunately, most of the focus on camp has been on the starting five offensive linemen. So if I get a chance on Wednesday, I’m going to try and keep a closer eye on the backups that could hear their name called at any point this year.

Your turn.