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Where were you when Matthew Stafford fake spiked vs. the Cowboys?

Share your story of being a fan the day Stafford shocked the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

On Tuesday, we pointed out that a study from our friends at Bleeding Green Nation showed that the Detroit Lions have hosted the most entertaining games in the NFL since the 2009 season. As a result, the Lions have created a lot of intensity, a lot of stress, a lot of high blood pressure, and an endless amount of memories—both good and bad.

The timing of that article was perfect, as this week’s SB Nation theme is “Where were you when...?”

It’s hard to point out a single moment in recent Detroit history that every Lions fan will point to as the greatest moment in recent team history. The team obviously hasn’t won a playoff game in well over two decades. They don’t have a playoff-clinching moment nor any huge upset victories that grabbed all the headlines the next day.

But that isn’t to say there aren’t some amazing memories along the way. And chief among those moments has to be the Matthew Stafford fake spike against the Cowboys, capping a 80-yard game winning drive in just 50 seconds.

It’s a moment that sticks out so vividly for me, as it was not only one of the first Stafford comebacks that seemed so impossible, but it also felt like the franchise was making a dramatic shift that day. Anyways, here’s my story about that moment.

Before Stafford’s heroics, this was basically the most frustrating game in Lions history. Detroit was essentially in control during the entire contest, but stupid mental mistakes (four turnovers, eight penalties) caused them to trail for nearly the entire game.

I’m not going to say I believed the Lions were going to win this game when they got the ball back with just over a minute left, but Detroit was already outgaining the Cowboys by over 200 yards at that point. It was certainly a possibility.

Also, remember this? The Cowboys still had the ball with under two minutes to go, and the announcers were already talking about how the Dallas had moved to 5-3 on the year and the Lions lost. DetroitOnLion remembers:

Anyways, let’s get to the moment. I don’t have any great tweets from the moment Stafford attempted to dive over the goal-line pile—outside of the moment I called out announcer Dick Stockton in a rather uncouth way—because I was jumping up-and-down like crazy at my buddy’s apartment. The lone Cowboys fan in attendance could only smile in disbelief as the rest of the small crowd was registering on the Richter scale.

And then there was my buddy, Harry. Don’t think I forgot about you, friend. Yes, Harry is The Guy who left the watching party early. He was on his way home when Stafford pulled out one of the most iconic moments of his career and could only text in disbelief when he saw the final score. It’s okay, Harry. I forgive you.

Now it’s your turn to share your story. Where were you when Stafford (and Calvin Johnson) led the Lions on a historic comeback for the ages?