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PODcast: Detroit Lions training camp Week 1 standouts

Jeremy, Ryan and Chris break down the first week of Detroit Lions training camp.

NFL: Detroit Lions-Training Camp Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The PODcast crew finally has some meat and potatoes from the offseason, and we’re going to milk it. Can you make milk out of meat and potatoes? Every other kind of milk is out there, so why not potato milk?

Anyways, the Detroit Lions are back in training camp mode and the PODcast is ready to extrapolate every little detail from practice and make big sweeping generalizations about the team.

Okay, not really. This week, we preach caution against overreacting based on just a few practices, half of which were unpadded. Still, Jeremy and Ryan point out the few players who managed to stand out over the weekend and what it could mean for the Lions’ 2018 roster.

This week on the PODcast:

  • The pros and cons of training camp. What we can take from practices, what do we have to wait to see?
  • Who were the standouts from the first week of camp? Who has their work cut out for them after a slow start? How has our outlook on the roster changed?
  • Teo Redding: The next forgotten hyped receiver or does he have a chance to make the roster?
  • The Kerryon Johnson hype is real, and it only took two plays to win over Jeremy.
  • The Way Back Machine tries to avoid talking about Thanksgiving against the Vikings and focuses more on Marvin Jones sonning Xavier Rhodes.
  • Mailbag talks about Matthew Stafford’s Hall of Fame resume, our impressions of Michael Roberts, and surprise cuts that could be coming at the end of training camp.