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Lions notes: NFL scout thinks Matthew Stafford is holding Detroit back

“Anonymous NFL scout” just needs to go away.

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NFL: Detroit Lions-Training Camp Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
  • File this under “Shut up anonymous scout or put your name to it,” but an unnamed NFL scout told Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report that “average quarterback play” is holding the Detroit Lions back and that Matthew Stafford needs to up his game. Freeman states the NFL scout is “not prone to ridiculous takes” but the evidence suggests otherwise.

  • Just a day after being waived by the Lions, offensive lineman Adam Bisnowaty was claimed by the Carolina Panthers:

  • Because a regulation field goal is too easy for Matt Prater, here’s the one he’s been practicing on over the past few days at training camp:

  • Defensive back DeAngelo Hall retired on Wednesday, but he didn’t go out before giving Jay Cutler a sick burn: