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4 Winners and 6 Losers from the Lions’ preseason loss to the Giants

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The Lions looked quite bad in their preseason home opener, but escaped mostly unscathed in terms of injuries.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


Theo Riddick

If you thought Theo Riddick was expendable (I know none of you beautiful and intelligent readers would be this silly, but there are some people out there), then you thought wrong.

Riddick continues to prove why he is so useful in the passing game and did so lining up in the slot on this play.

Tavon Wilson

Wilson popped up on the screen an unhealthy amount of times on Friday night and was constantly where he needed to be to make a play. He didn’t exactly make any outstanding plays in coverage to force many incompletions, but he didn’t allow any extra yards after the catch and made some nice stops in the open field that were short of the sticks.

With some other Lions defenders struggling in the passing game, this can only mean that Wilson’s stock is rising, and it helps that he has that experience with Matty P already.

Devon Kennard

This is by far the best acquisition that Bob Quinn made during the offseason, and Kennard is already showing how important he is to the pass rush and what he brings to the table.

Flowers is known for being bad at his job and being especially bad at his job against Lions edge rushers. Kennard is known for giving me the only happiness I had all night when watching this preseason game in its entirety.

LeGarrette Blount

Blount showed why he’s the best running back option the Lions have currently when they need to pound the rock. His finesse running style and the way he avoids tackles at the line of scrimmage is akin to nothing the Lions have seen in quite some time.


Jarrad Davis

Davis had every opportunity to make a statement against the Giants, and he did just that in the team’s opening defensive drive, making two big splash plays in the run game. However, we already knew what Davis can do against the run. He’s good-to-great in that area of his game, but to truly earn “Winner” status, he needed to show us a little more in pass coverage... and he did, but not in a good way.

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised


Taylor Decker

It was tough to gauge Decker’s play after just three snaps against the Oakland Raiders last week, and there wasn’t much noise out of training camp surrounding him despite recovering from an injury sustained last year, but now we know that Decker’s still got some work to do in terms of returning to his old rookie form.

O-line depth

Though I’m not completely worried about the starting offensive line, if someone were to go down, the Lions would be in pretty bad shape like they were last year. The reserves were getting absolutely wrecked all night long and it physically hurt to watch. The best possible thing that could happen for the Lions is if they get through these last two preseason games without any injuries to the starting O-linemen.

Ameer Abdullah

After a hot start to preseason action in Game 1, Abdullah’s stock simmers down a bit after a rough Game 2 against the Giants. Abdullah fumbled the ball twice (once in the run game and once returning kicks) and although he did not turn the ball over, that’s not a good sign for a guy who’s struggled with ball security in the past.

Steve Longa

Anytime you suffer an injury that looks as severe as what Longa dealt with is not good. Let’s hope that he receives some good news after suffering what appears to be some sort of leg/knee injury.

A’Shawn Robinson

The man had a lot to prove and he was out there in the fourth quarter against the Giants. Yup, the FOURTH quarter. A guy that was the supposed starter heading into camp is now out there with something to prove against third stringers. No one is safe if you’re not doing your job.