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Lions vs Giants: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions second preseason game

NFL: New York Giants at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you just watch preseason games and you wonder what you’re doing with your life. The Detroit Lions preseason week two matchup with the New York Giants on Friday was one of those games. The Lions looked bad just about every where and they fell to the Giants with a final score of 30-17.

As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts.

This preseason offense is really bad.

This is the trailer for the movie Gigli. This film is widely considered to be one of the worst, if not the worst movie of all time. I would rather be locked in room from Saw and be forced to watch this on VHS with the tracking un-adjusted for four days straight while the guy from Robin Hood: Men In Tights cuts his foot off than see the Lions offense play like that again.

Matthew Stafford came out to much fan fare. I’m sure we all thought “hey, now we can really get excited about the Lions.” He proceeded to get sacked twice and nearly fumbled once. We’ll get to that later. Matt Cassel went full Matt Cassell and Jake Rudock reminded us all how dumb people were when they wanted to hold onto him and cut Stafford loose last August.

How bad was it? Let me count the ways.

Please tell me that wasn’t the real offensive line.

Matthew Stafford. The same guy that got sacked the second most in the NFL last year, got sacked twice in the first quarter of this game. Of course the worst part is that outside of Kenny Wiggins, this was the number one unit. It was Wiggins that allowed one of those sacks by the way.

Taylor Decker looked pretty unlike himself too. But Wiggins and Wesley Johnson showed why they were signed to be back ups instead of starters. You should cower in fear of the possibility of someone getting hurt and these guys having to start long term.


We’ve seen this movie before. Heck, we even watched it last week. The Lions make a big play on offense and then immediately walk it back because of a penalty. This keeps happening to Kerryon Johnson over and over again. This tweet really says it all.

Run Game Struggles

Outside a few spurts from LeGarrette Blount and a nice Kerryon Johnson run that got called back, the Lions run game had a bad night. They just couldn’t capture that same flash they had last week. Sadly Kerryon Johnson’s hype train didn’t get any bigger on Friday as he ran for just 17 yards.

Why is Matt Cassel even here?

I asked this question on Twitter and didn’t get a response. I understand the idea that he’s great in the film room and he’s almost like having a player coach, but if the Lions have to rely on him for any period of time during the regular season, all hell will break loose.

The Lions should really take a look at free agency this week and re-think what they’re doing here at the back up spot. Call TJ Yates, Matt Moore or even, gulp, Mark Sanchez. Do something. I still think Jeff Risdon of Lions Wire is onto to something with his Paxton Lynch idea.

Jarad Davis looked good until he did a Jarad Davis thing

Davis came out swinging in the early going. He was a stud on the Lions first defensive drive of the game. He showed up on all three plays and even grabbed a big run stop on third down when he rushed through the hole like a running back and caught Jonathan Stewart in the back field for a 5-yard loss.

But then this happened.

Davis gets caught in coverage again. This has been Davis’ biggest weakness in his NFL career so far. He and Matt Patricia really need to work on this in the next few weeks or the Lions will continue to get beat up over the middle of the field.

The Lions still have no pass rush

I’m just not even going to talk about this week. Just look at this.

Darius Slay was slaying as usual

Slay did get called for a defensive pass interference at one point in the game. But outside of that, Slay was just being Slay out there. We had the finger wag counter going on our POD twitter and we got up to three in the short period that Darius was in the game. This should come as no surprise to anyone. The Lions have an elite corner. Maybe the best in the league.

Devon Kennard shows up. Sorta.

I say sorta because Kennard’s big play, a sack fumble on Davis Webb that would have set the Lions up on the Giants one yard line, was called back after the review showed that Webb’s arm was moving forward. He did come back and get a stop on the very next play though. Kennard continues to be my favorite signing of the offseason. I look forward to seeing more of him.