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30 reasons to love Golden Tate on his 30th birthday

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Happy 30th Mr. Showtime Tate

NFL: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t need to remind you Golden Tate is good at football.

For example, I don’t need to elaborate that he’s gone over 1,000 yards three of the past four seasons with the Lions. I also probably don’t need to remind you Tate boasts a remarkably steady 90+ receptions per season. You definitely don’t need reminding that he’s led the league in yards after catch (YAC) the past four seasons.

And today, as Mr. Showtime Tate celebrates his 30th birthday, I thought I wouldn’t remind why he’s awesome with 30 reasons to love Golden Tate.

In no particular order:

1. This literal flip into the end zone for a game-winning touchdown against the Vikings in November 2016. I’m not sure how it was physically possible to stay in bounds.

2. When he visited local breast cancer patients and survivors in Oct. 2017 to ask them to sign his cleats. (Yeah, I know this is my own tweet but it was dope.)

3. This sexy lil conversion against the Packers on December 2017.

4. This legendary chug.

5. The day he joined the MSU Marching Band. (As a Sparty I don’t *love* that he could’ve taken out the trumpet section of my beloved Fight Song, but everyone was OK, and I therefore rule this amusing.)

6. This eloquence. Pure poetry.

7. He’s funny.

8. This facial expression when he and Megatron were front row for a surprise proposal.

9. When he repped the Lions at the Pro Bowl back in 2015. Lookin’ good.

10. Ever try to make a handshake with someone that doesn’t make you both look stupid? It’s actually really hard. Maybe that’s just me. Probably.

11. The first time we got to call him ours. <3

12. Watching clips never gets old.

13. And people say Marvin Jones has pipes?

14. He stops and walks into the end zone like he’s walking into the DMV for a license renewal.

15. He’s a supportive teammate.

16. Just living up to that Showtime title.

17. This gorgeous 66-yard TD against the Saints in December 2016.

18. He’s a friend of dogs.

19. An avid golfer, he gave this respectable nod to the GOAT.

20. Let’s not forget his bet with The Rock. Tate paid up on his friendly wager on with Mr. Dwayne Johnson after Miami steamrolled Tate’s alma mater 41-8. Tate took to eBay and found The Rock’s old Miami jersey.

21. And along that vein, this tribute to The Rock – the people’s elbow.

22. This 71-yard catch and run for a TD.


24. When he caught this pass that bounced off Washington’s Bashaud Breeland.

25. Yet another flip into the end zone, this time against the Saints in October 2017.

26. This Halloween tribute to Drogo and Khaleesi. Respect.

27. Dude, what can’t do you? Save some chicks for the rest of us, sheesh.

28. Like a rocket. This 40-yard screen pass touchdown against the Browns in November 2017.

29. That time he let the guy in the speedo be his caddy.

30. He’s a loving dad.

Kellie Rowe contributes to POD from FOX 2 Detroit.