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PODcast finds a happy medium in preseason game 2 reactions, ranks 2018’s top QBs

A brutal beatdown or a meaningless scrimmage? The answer may surprise you!

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New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’re halfway through the preseason, which means halfway towards a full season of NFL football that actually counts for the scoreboard. The scraps of the preseason let us try to divine what the Detroit Lions will be come that fateful time, and until then it’s time to get to PODcasting.

Do you want to know how to feel about preseason game 2? We’d like to know too! The PODcast crew tries to break it down, decipher player performances and let you know what kind of trade value you might get for Ameer Abdullah. We also break out the final positional LISTCAST of the offseason. It’s time for quarterbacks, which means Matthew Stafford has got to feature somewhere, right? Probably a hell of an arm on that one.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Breaking down the drubbing the Lions took at the hands of the Giants.
  • Players under the gun: Ameer Abdullah, Jarrad Davis, Jake Rudock and A’Shawn Robinson. Thoughts on all of them, plus the offense as a unit.
  • What’s the proper context to take this game in? A month of overreactions, overreacting to those overreactions, where does it end? I can be deep, I promise. It’s football, after all.
  • This defense isn’t as disappointing as you might think. More on that inside.
  • The final positional LISTCAST of 2018. As always, we save the best for last—quarterbacks. Where will Matthew Stafford rank on this list? What do we make of Ben Roethlisberger’s long but well-staffed career? Is it Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers at the top?
  • Mailbag talks about the best ways to eat a burrito, conspiracy theories and more notes and reactions from preseason game 2.