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Matthew, Kelly Stafford introduce baby girl Hunter Hope Stafford

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The mystery is over. The Staffords have a new baby girl.

Last weekend, Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, announced that she gave birth to the two’s third child on Thursday, just a day before Matthew’s preseason debut.

But she left a sense of mystery about the newborn, waiting to reveal the gender and name of the newest member of the Stafford family. Instead, she just posted a bouquet of flowers shaped in the letter “H” to her Instagram.

Asking for privacy and the right time to announce it, Matthew didn’t disclose any details throughout the week, leaving it to Kelly to reveal details when she was comfortable.

On Friday morning, Kelly finally made the announcement with an Instagram post featuring several pictures of their newborn...

Hunter Hope Stafford, their new baby girl.

Hunter now joins one-year-old twins Sawyer and Chandler to bring the Stafford’s family total to five members.

Congratulations to the Stafford family. It looks like Matthew is going to have his hands full both on and off the field this year.