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Ask POD: Dress rehearsing for the real thing

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The Lions are preparing for the regular season, and we’re prepping for this week’s pod.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions’ dress rehearsal is though, but we here at Pride of Detroit are still in preparation mode for our regular season debut. What that exactly means? I have no idea. We didn’t even get the benefit of an offseason, because we were all about #NoDaysOff before the New England Patriots stole it from us. WELL, NOW WE’VE GOT YOUR DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR AND PERSONNEL EVALUATOR NOW. HOW DOES THAT FEEL, BILL?

Anyways, the PODcast is back this week to discuss the Lions’ preseason “win” over the Buccaneers. There may be one more preseason game left, but Friday night’s game will tell us more about the team than anything else we’ll see this offseason. So, how is the PODcast crew feeling after that performance? We’ll tackle that from front to back this week.

But do you have something you’d like us to specifically focus on? Want to know our thoughts on the Lions’ rookies thus far? Or how about Matt Patricia’s performance thus far? Or if you want us to briefly talk about something else to get your mind off of last week’s game, we can do that too.

So send your questions in the comment section below or via Twitter using the hashtag #AskPOD.