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The Rowe Report: Is that an Italian sandwich?

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Check out the first episode of our new Detroit Lions YouTube series!

As the Detroit Lions brace for regular season impact, we here at Pride of Detroit are doing our best to bring you the most crucial news.

Right guard T.J. Lang is taking things day-by-day as he works toward getting healthy for Week 1. He says he’s been working with “certain people” to get back on the field. Pride of Detroit obtained exclusive video of his trainer.

Meanwhile, quarterback Matthew Stafford makes what some are calling a frightening statement regarding his football consumption that has left some questioning his commitment to the game.

And head coach Matthew Patricia reveals his affection—yet lack of expertise—in lunchtime choices. For a man so knowledgeable on the field, some sources say he is a bit of an amateur in the sandwich arena.

Here is the pilot episode of The Rowe Report.

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