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2 Winners, 3 Losers from the Lions’ preseason finale loss to the Browns

Thank God it’s over.

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


RB Dwayne Washington

Though he likely won’t make the final roster, Washington looked like the only Lions player that wanted to play football on Thursday night and had himself plenty plays where I was thoroughly impressed. He had a nice blitz pickup that won’t show up on the stat sheet in which Jake Rudock promptly threw over his intended target’s head and if Washington’s lucky, some team out there will see his tape against the Browns and give him a shot.

QB Matt Cassel

Despite the awful pick-six throw and awful statline, I think Cassel showed more poise in the pocket this preseason and has the edge over Rudock for the backup job. He has the experience and the better arm and that’s really what it mostly comes down to.

Cassel being listed as a winner has less to do with his performance against the Browns and more to do with the fact that Rudock hasn’t done much at all to get a leg up over Cassel. Neither one of these guys have shown much to write home about, but that’s what we’ve got.


QB Jake Rudock

Rudock was pulled before the first half even ended for Cassel, but came back in halfway through the third quarter and struggled for most of the game until fourth quarter preseason Rudock showed up.

But he had that one really cool first-down scramble, right?

Sadly, Rudock, to me, didn’t do nearly enough to etch himself in as the backup QB, as he averaged a paltry 4.7 yards per attempt in his last game of the preseason.

I may have split these two QBs into one winner and one loser for the game, but roster cuts are looming, and it could very easily turn into two losers if the Lions decide to pick someone up off the waiver wire pretty soon.

Rudock can barely hand the ball off correctly to his running back.

S Rolan Milligan

Only this guy would get called for a defensive holding and still give up a 41-yard catch. He was already way on the outside looking in with one eye closed, and Thursday night’s performance was likely the nail in the coffin for his hopes at a roster spot.

Lions fans

Props to the fans that voted Toto’s Africa for song of the game, although I never want to associate that song with such a dull, pointless game like this.

Anyway, I feel bad for anyone who spent the time to watch the entire game like I did and I hope at least one of you will be compensated with delicious pizza for your dedication. The Thursday before cut day will forever be the worst day of the year (April Fool’s is a close second).