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Ask POD: Gearing up for the preseason

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Our preseason preview is coming up. Help steer the conversation with your best questions.

Detroit Lions Introduce Matt Patricia Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’ve experience a week of training camp. We’ve watch the Chicago Bears kick off the exhibition season with their Hall of Fame game last Thursday. We’ve even been treated to a Detroit Lions scrimmage on Saturday at Allen Park.

And we are just days away from the Lions finally taking the field for the first time since sweeping the Packers on New Years Eve.

It may just be the meaningless preseason, but Lions football is back this week, and the PODcast is freakin’ ready. So this week, we’re going to continue talking about training camp, but we’ll also touch on our expectations from the preseason and begin to look forward to the regular season, which is now just a month away. We may even have a special guest.

But to help round out the PODcast, we want your questions. We may have the mics, but you hold the power to steer our conversation. Send us your best questions about the Lions, life or anything else you’d like us to talk about or debate. We’ll answer the best ones on air, and make you part of aural immortality.

You can submit your questions in the comment section below or send it to us on Twitter with the hashtag #AskPOD.