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Lions vs. Jets: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions week one game

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. What else can I say? It’s games like this that take your spirit and break it in unimaginable ways. I kid you not, this may have been the worst Lions game I have ever seen. It’s definitely the worst I’ve ever covered. Many will point to the Chiefs or Cardinals games from 2015, but we expected those games to be bad. And it just kept getting worse and worse. The Lions went on to lose 48-17.

As always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts.

You should be mad. It’s more than okay to be really, really mad right now

The Lions squandered the offseason. When the Bears, Packers and Vikings went out and spent their money and brought in big time, game-changing players, the Lions chose to do very little.

When the Lions had chances at good defensive players in free agency and the draft, they chose to do nothing. The Lions made every single poor choice they could possibly make in the offseason and it showed on the field Monday night.

You can’t help but come away from this game wondering why we have to put up with this and how much longer before this team does what’s right and gets help. This is not a great team the Lions just lost to. This is a losing team with a rookie quarterback playing his first game ever.

I’ve never been the guy to say that someone needs to get fired or traded, but somebody needs to get fired or traded after this game. Just an utter embarrassment.

The worst game of Matthew Stafford’s career

Disagree all you want. Matthew Stafford has never played a game worse than this one. Not even the Arizona game from 2015. He threw four interceptions, got hurt twice, and just generally looked unlike himself all night. Seriously, I don’t think that was Matthew Stafford. I imagine a scene like this went down after the game when Matt Patricia confronted Stafford in the locker room.

Let’s be real here. This is not something to expect from Stafford every week and we know that. Guys have bad games. Ben Roethlisberger threw four interceptions this week too. Matt Ryan had a horrible Thursday night game as well. I’m not too worried about Stafford as early as tomorrow. I’m personally going to need a big bounce back for my fantasy team next week.

The offensive line is back on its bull

This offensive line is just so damn odd. So much talent is on this line and they truly have the capability to be great. Yet they aren’t and they have a hard time trying to figure out how to just be average. Seeing your franchise quarterback laying on the turf in pain twice in the first game of the year is not at all good. Things need to change. At this point, I’m begging for things to change. We all are.

The run game is still not good

If you were expecting a major turnaround on Monday night, you did not get that at all. Kerryon Johnson did nothing, LeGarrette Blount left the game with an injury, Ameer Abdullah was inactive and Theo Riddick still can’t run the ball no matter how badly [insert offensive coordinator here] wants him to. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Seriously. I’m just going to stop this segment right here.

Kenny Golladay played his butt off

Somebody had to have done something right on Monday right? Yes. Kenny Golladay had a pretty dang good game. He grabbed seven receptions for 114 yards. He’s going to be a problem for defenses all year... especially when (if?) the Lions figure out how to play offense.

Golladay also had a big defensive play, too. He forced a fumble after Stafford’s second interception—a play that set up a Lions field goal. Golladay is by far and away the only good thing about this game.

Now everyone get emotional with me!

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