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NFL Week 2: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers first half open thread

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Join us for the first half of the Lions-49ers game.

Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

All could be forgotten. Okay, probably not literally forgotten, but a win on Sunday would go a long way in rebuilding faith in the Detroit Lions fanbase that is already livid over one of the poorest opening game performances in a long, long time.

The San Francisco 49ers may be 0-1, but they won’t be a pushover on their home field. Their defensive front is seriously talented, they’ve got a coach with a great offensive mind and a quarterback that has brought a whole bunch of hope to the city of San Francisco Santa Clara.

So stick with us on Sunday afternoon as the Lions try to right the ship before the New England Patriots come to town next week. As always, please remember to follow our community rules—No posting links to illegal streams, no name calling, and no hateful language towards anyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and LET’S GO LIONS.