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NFL Power Rankings Week 3: A new No. 1 rises on a day of upsets

We get a new team at the top after a wild weekend of NFL action.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 was one to remember. Many of the top teams fell in games they were expected to easily win and a few potential contenders may have already played themselves into trouble this season. Here are our Week 2 power rankings:

1. Los Angeles Rams (2-0; won 34-0 vs ARI) (+2 from last week)

The Rams defense pitched a shutout while their offense rolled all over the Cardinals. They weren’t met with the hardest of opposition but this team looked unstoppable last weekend.

2. Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1; tied 29-29 vs GB) (-1)

A few lucky bounces of the ball got the Vikings into overtime against the Packers last weekend, and then a missed field goal from their kicker denied them a win. The tie drops them out of the top spot but avoiding a loss on the road at Lambeau is nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Green Bay Packers (1-0-1; tied 29-29 vs MIN) (+2)

Aaron Rodgers continues to shine despite the knee injury that he suffered Week 1 against the Bears. The Packers should have won this game but drawing even with their biggest competition for NFC North supremacy is a great building block.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-0; won 31-20 vs NE) (+2)

Blake Bortles and his gang of late round, UDFA receivers played an incredible game as their offense took it to the New England Patriots to come out on top in the rematch of last season’s AFC title game. If the offense can play like that every week then they are legitimate contenders this season

5. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0; won 42-37 vs PIT) (+3)

The Chiefs offense was flying high once again. Pat Mahomes threw six touchdowns in a game where they seemed unstoppable. Their defense will eventually lose them a game this season, but for now, there is no reason to bet against Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and the rest of this dynamic offense.

6. New England Patriots (1-1; lost 31-20 vs JAX) (-2)

The Patriots’ game plan was to take away the middle of the field and force Bortles to beat them outside. Bortles ended up beating them outside. It’s a disappointing loss that may have playoff implications down the line but it’s easy to imagine the Patriots quickly bouncing back next week.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (2-0; won 34-23 vs BAL) (+2)

A.J. Green scored three first half touchdowns as the Bengals pummeled their division rivals in the first half. The defense, which was supposed to be the better unit this season, had issues in the second half but right now the Bengals are rolling.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1; lost 27-21 vs TB) (-6)

The defending champions were shocked by the Bucs last week. Their secondary will be a legitimate concern for them going forward. The potential return of Carson Wentz next week should be a huge boost for the whole roster, though.

9. Atlanta Falcons (1-1; won 31-24 vs CAR) (+4)

Matt Ryan looked like his old self, and the Falcons seemed to put away their redzone woes as they went on to beat the Panthers. The NFC South looks wide open right now and an early division victory could have huge implications in the future.

10. Baltimore Ravens (1-1; lost 34-23 vs CIN) (-3)

Their late rally against the Bengals fell short and their defense just isn’t itself without cornerback Jimmy Smith on the field. The return of Smith soon should boost their secondary back to its elite level, and Joe Flacco is starting to look better than he has in years.

11. Los Angeles Chargers (1-1; won 31-20 vs BUF) (+3)

The Chargers bounced back from their Week 1 loss at the hands of the Chiefs by laying a beating on the Bills. The score does no justice to how lopsided this game was.

12. New Orleans Saints (1-1; won 21-18 vs CLE) (-2)

New Orleans finally got into the win column but they made it as hard on themselves as possible. The defense looked a little better but if not for the Browns kicking woes, it is likely the Saints would have given Cleveland their first win in over a year.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1-1; lost 42-37 vs KC) (-2)

The Steelers still have the offensive talent to hang with the best but their defense is awful. Le’Veon Bell is still holding out. Ben Roethlisberger seems like he isn’t his former self. It will click eventually (I think) but if it doesn’t happen fast this team could be in huge trouble.

14. Tennessee Titans (1-1; won 20-17 vs HOU) (+1)

The Titans managed to beat the Texans this week without quarterback Marcus Mariota in the lineup. It’s an impressive feat but it may say more about the Texans than the Titans.

15. San Francisco 49ers (1-1; won 30-27 vs DET) (+2)

San Francisco dominated the Lions for much of Sunday’s contest but their defense fell apart down the stretch. Their offensive line had trouble protecting Jimmy Garoppolo as well and the holes on the roster that we knew always existed have seemed to haunt them.

16. Chicago Bears (1-1; won 24-17 vs SEA) (+4)

The Bears defense held Russell Wilson and the Seahawks down for much of Monday night’s game. Mitchell Trubisky is still awful, and he was the reason the Seattle was even relevant in this game, but it’s nice for the Bears to prove that their front-seven can power their way to wins.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0; won 27-21 vs PHI) (+4)

Ryan Fitzpatrick may be your new long-term starter in Tampa Bay. The quarterback is the current NFL passing yards leader as the Bucs took it to the defending champs and pulled off an impressive victory. Their defense has been awful, though, and you’d have to imagine that Fitzpatrick will regress eventually.

18.Miami Dolphins (2-0; won 20-12 vs NYJ) (+1)

Miami did what Detroit could not when they held down Sam Darnold and the Jets offense. It was not an impressive win but the Dolphins reach 2-0, lead the AFC East and rookie Minkah Fitzpatrick looks like an absolute star.

19. Washington (1-1; lost 21-9 vs IND) (-7)

Washington was brought back down to planet earth Sunday as the Colts dominated them in every phase of the game. Alex Smith could never get going and Andrew Luck punished their defense. The ups and downs of Washington football seem to be back already.

20. Carolina Panthers (1-1; lost 31-24 vs ATL) (-4)

Carolina had no answer for Matt Ryan as the Falcons offense rolled over them. No one on the offense outside of Cam Newton seems capable of doing anything and the Panthers may be in trouble this season if no one else steps up.

21. Denver Broncos (2-0; won 20-19 vs OAK) (+1)

The Broncos got off to their customary 2-0 start. They stole a victory from the Raiders to continue their perfect start. The defense still looks great but Case Keenum still has not found his footing in the Mile High City.

22. Indianapolis Colts (1-1; won 21-9 vs WAS) (+5)

Andrew Luck and the Colts rolled all over a Washington team that looked like legitimate contenders almost a week ago. Their defense stepped up big time and held the usual dynamic Washington offense in check.

23. Houston Texans (0-2; lost 20-17 vs TEN) (-5)

All of the flaws that were overlooked during Deshaun Watson’s magical run last season are rearing their head this season. The quarterback looks like a shell of the player he was last year and his terrible offensive line and defense isn’t giving him much help.

24. Dallas Cowboys (1-1; won 20-13 vs NYG) (-)

Dallas played another primetime NFC East stinker against the Giants. Outside of the deep touchdown to Tavon Austin to start the game nothing really looked great about the Cowboys. Their defense ran over a terrible Giants offensive line and the offense couldn’t take advantage at all. This team is bad.

25. Cleveland Browns (0-1-1; lost 21-18 vs NO) (-)

The Browns probably would have knocked off the Saints if their kicker hadn’t left eight points on the field. Their defense played great yet again but the offense still has a lot of kinks to work out going forward.

26. New York Jets (1-1; lost 20-12 vs MIA) (-3)

Sam Darnold and the Jets came back down to earth now that they were playing against a real defense. The team looked like who we thought they were and they still probably need a year or so before they can truly believe that they will contend.

27. Oakland Raiders (0-2; lost 20-19 vs DEN) (+1)

For the second straight week the Raiders were in it until the very end. Grit and passion will always eventually lose to talent, though, and the lack of talent of the roster will hurt them all season.

28. Seattle Seahawks (0-2; lost 24-17 vs CHI) (-2)

The Seahawks had no answer for the Bears front seven. Chicago’s offense kept Seattle in the game but Russell Wilson couldn’t create enough fourth quarter magic to get the job done for the second straight week.

29. Detroit Lions (0-2; lost 30-27 vs SF) (-)

The run defense is terrible. Matthew Stafford doesn’t look like himself. It is easy to say that the narrow loss to the 49ers was a stepping stone but this team might be in huge trouble down the line if their “stars” don’t play like they have in the past.

30. New York Giants (0-2; lost 20-13 vs DAL) (-)

The Giants don’t really have an offensive line yet they still want to run rookie Saquon Barkley into the ground. Barkley is second to only James Conner is overall touches this season but has spent most of his carries trying not to get blown up behind the line. This team stinks.

31. Arizona Cardinals (0-2; lost 34-0 vs LAR) (-)

The Cardinals have only scored six points through two games. All six came on a garbage time touchdown in a late blow out loss against Washington. Yeah.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-2; lost 31-20 vs LAC) (-)

Vontae Davis decided that ending his NFL career was preferable to finishing his first career game with the Buffalo Bills.

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