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Detroit Lions fans rank 30th in team confidence

Sounds about right...

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the Detroit Lions sitting at 0-2 all by their lonesome in the NFC North, there are a lot of things to be concerned about. Why hasn’t the team looked more prepared out of training camp? What’s going on with Matthew Stafford? Is there a running back in this league that the Lions can stop?

It’s been an ugly couple of weeks, and Lions fans are feeling it. Fan confidence is at a low, and the signs are everywhere. Earlier in the week, we saw Bob Quinn’s approval rating drop from 89 percent in May to just 26 percent this week.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s FanPulse results.

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Yikes. At this point, a mere 18 percent of Lions fans are confident in the team’s direction. Only the Cardinals (three percent) and Giants (16 percent) have lower fan confidence.

Perhaps most interesting is not how low confidence is among Lions fans right now—obviously the team has looked bad thus far and an 0-2 start is well below expectations—but heading into the season, Lions fans had the lowest confidence of any fan base.

Just 68 percent of fans were at least “somewhat confident” in the team’s direction heading into Week 1. For reference, the average confidence level was at 91.1 percent for the rest of the team blogs. The closest to the Lions’ low confidence was Hogs Haven (Washington, 76 percent), The Phinsider (Dolphins, 80 percent) and Silver and Black Pride (Raiders, 82).

Of course, considering how flat the Lions came out in the preseason, that’s not completely surprising, but still, you’d think coming off a 9-7 season with a brand new head coach would be enough to keep Lions fans’ spirits higher than at least one other franchise. Still, the Lions’ play through two weeks has only verified fans’ skepticism. We’ll see if this week’s game against the Patriots changes any minds.

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