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Detroit Lions Week 3 Song of the Game: ‘Oh Yeah’

It’s sexy football, we got emotions about the footed balls.

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Song of the Game is back. Each week, we’ll use a song to describe our feeling or the Lions’ performance from the previous game. At the end of the year, we’ll have a complete Spotify playlist telling the story of the Lions’ 2018 season. You can check out the 2017 playlist here, and our explanations for our choices here.

Was that good for you?

I’m of a mind to write the Patriots game as a one-off: a bizarre abomination that will never see the light of day again, forgotten among the debris of a digital sea of information that grows exponentially every second; already too vast for memory to hold. The Patriots defense is at present terrible, the Lions are a goddamn enigma.

And yet, there’s an undeniable beauty, sincere and sublime, in watching Tom Brady—a man so committed to perfection in the art of football and football-shaped things that he subordinates himself to the whims of an insane trainer and, I don’t know, drinks his own urine or whatever—throw a ball 30 yards deep to a referee and get flagged for intentional grounding.

Look again, and there it is along the fringes of sight as you watch the Patriots defense open up like so many waves on the Red Sea and allow Kerryon Johnson to rush through.

Some would say there’s no beauty in rooting for downfalls. I disagree. Read your Shelley.

You’d think this is too much on the Patriots and not enough on the Lions, and you’d be right. That said, both are needed for this gumbo to work. It’s important that the Lions looked good, and it’s important that the team they beat also looked bad, and that team was also the Patriots. Do you see how this works? Do you see what cosmic bounty is before us?

“Oh Yeah” is generally considered “that one song from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’” and not for the spastically trippy lyrics and music video. We should be celebrating this. The movie is fine but it’s held to a much higher standard by Gen Xers than I can fathom (honestly, the track plays over two guys staring at a restored Ferrari. So lame.)

Anyway we’ve digressed. “Oh Yeah” is simple, beautiful, and has overtones of bliss. It doesn’t ask for any more analysis than that. I think that’s about fitting for the Detroit Lions victory. If you’d start to pick it apart more you might find terrible things, like maybe some sort of flaw in Matthew Stafford’s delivery that still hasn’t been killed or more opponent analysis and schedule watching and oops now everything isn’t cool anymore.

No man. Just drink it in. The moon... beautiful.

I think I can get away with finishing this up now and Jeremy won’t ask for anything else.

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