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Cowboys fans are panicking, think Lions will win on Sunday

Dallas is not confident in their own team right now.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not often that the opposing fanbase thinks a Detroit Lions team with a losing record is going to beat their own on any given week. However, that’s exactly what’s happening in Week 4 as the Lions head to Dallas as a three-point underdog to face the Cowboys.

Coming off a two-possession win over the Patriots, it’s no surprise that Lions fans are feeling pretty confident about the team, despite the poor performances over the first two weeks. We already knew that they saw the biggest boost in confidence this week, but they’re feeling pretty bold for this week. According to our FanPulse survey, the average Lions fan expects a six-point win for the away team.

Cowboys fans, however, are hurting after their decisive loss to the Seahawks last week. Just look at the team’s plummeting confidence:

(That’s six percent of fans confident in the team’s direction).

As a result of panic in Dallas, they are actually picking the 1-2 Lions—road underdogs—to come out victorious on Sunday. Blogging the Boys FanPulse results indicate that the average Cowboys fan thinks the Lions will win by a single point.

It’s a pretty wild turn of events considering where each team’s fan base was last week. Entering Week 3, the Cowboys had a confidence level at 49 percent, while Detroit fans were just at 18. It just goes to show you how reactionary all NFL fanbases can be, especially this early in the season. Who knows where we’ll be a week from now?

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