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PODcast ranks the top 5 needs for the Detroit Lions entering into free agency

Plus, reactions from a conference championship weekend of controversies.

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Detroit Lions v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Now we enter that dread week where we have to wait for the Super Bowl, and there’s not much Lions news to discuss. But we have plenty of Detroit things for you, dear listener. With the coaching staff shaken up, it’s time for a fresh look at what the strategy for the Lions might be heading into the offseason.

What better way to do that than revive our offseason tradition? LISTCAST time.

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This week on PODcast

  • Someone please tell me who Denise Austin is. I don’t have Google.
  • LISTCAST is back. It’s good again. It smells like a used football.
  • The draft is coming. Free agency is coming. We each rank what we each feel are the top five needs for this team, and ideas and players who we see filling those roles.
  • Playoff reactions baby.
  • Why opening up PI review could be a disaster in the making, regardless of how salty Saints fans may be today.
  • Playoff overtime needs to change, quick.
  • ...but would you care about those changes if we put the Lions in the place of the Rams or Patriots today? How value are those principles of the game OR DO YOU JUST WANNA WIN BABY?
  • Last but not least, who are you pulling for now?
  • Mailbag answers more fast food questions (can’t have enough), talks about Greedy Williams (what a nickname), takes stock of how many first-round draft picks the Rams have and the value or lack thereof in a London game.
  • Jeremy finishes the show with a mini-rant about erroneous reports about Gerald McCoy.