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Ask POD: Gone Bowlin’

We need questions for this week’s Bowl-tacular PODast.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Bowl Season. But unlike College Football, these bowls actually matter. Okay, that’s a lie, a couple of them matter and one absolutely, positively doesn’t matter.

First, the Senior Bowl has already came and went. If you missed out on it, our own Kent Lee Platte has a nice breakdown of 25 candidates that either helped or hurt their draft stock. Next up is the Pro Bowl, which, don’t worry, we won’t talk about during this week’s PODcast—assuming something crazy doesn’t happen.

Then we’ve got the Super Bowl next week. At this point, we’re planning to have a separate Super Bowl extravaganza midweek podcast.

That leaves us with only the Senior Bowl to talk about, and this week we’re bringing in the aforementioned Kent Lee Platte to discuss the week in Mobile, Alabama. How did this week’s event affect the Detroit Lions? Who made their case for the eighth overall pick? Which players saw their draft stock plummet?

Kent will be answering those questions and more. But, as always, we’ll need more questions from you, the peanut gallery. So in the comment section below, drop questions of any and all varieties, and we’ll try to answer them on this week’s PODcast.

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