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Tuesday open thread: If you could take 1 player from the Super Bowl teams, who would it be?

Which players would you steal from the Super Bowl teams if you could.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It’s officially Super Bowl week, and in five days the NFL will crown its new champion. The Los Angeles Rams are in the big game for the first time since 1999, while the New England Patriots have made the Super Bowl their second home over the past two decades.

Both teams are obviously extremely talented, both at the coaching level and personnel level. The Detroit Lions, on the other hand, still have some work to do.

But for one day, let’s play a little fantasy football. Today’s Question of the Day is:

If you could take one player from the Super Bowl teams and place them on the Lions, who would it be?

My answer: I’ll do one for each team.

For the Patriots, I could easily go with Tom Brady, but I won’t. Instead, give me the guy that everyone is hoping for in free agency: edge defender Trey Flowers. Not only is he at the top of his game right now—ranking sixth at his position in 2018 per PFF—but he would slide in seamlessly to the Lions defense, immediately upgrading the team at its biggest position of need. It just makes too much sense.

As for the Rams, you have to take Aaron Donald. He’s undeniably the best defensive player in the NFL, and he’s arguably the best player in the NFL. The man is an absolute terror, and Detroit is also lacking a pass rush from the interior. No defender draws as much attention as Donald, so imagine what having him would do for a player like Jarrad Davis or a secondary that struggled to create turnovers.

The Lions may be doing okay at the defensive tackle position right now, but Aaron Donald is the kind of player that presents a HUGE upgrade at the position no matter who you have there.

Your turn.

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