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First Byte tackles the Big Game

The Patriots and Rams square off and we’re watching with juice boxes on the sideline.

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New England Patriots Media Availability Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Around this time of year you see bars, radio stations and all the rest talking about “the Big Game” when they mean Super Bowl. There are fun legal reasons for that, because naturally being able to say what something actually is in this country carries trademark ramifications with it, which is ridiculous and stupid. All arguments to the contrary are being ignored.

But anyway, this is the internet, and we’re all just having fun online. The Super Bowl is here, that grand time where you try to get people to pay attention to the game over the commercials. The Wrestlemania of football, if you will.

We’re proud to say we’re part of the festivities—you know, online, not from like Radio Row or nothing like that. As such, we got together and recorded a fun little podcast. It’s not quite PODcast, it’s not quite First Byte, but it’s something we do each year because we love this game, and we love football.

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? We have takes on that. How will this game go down? We have takes on that too. Will beer commercials get even worse? You guessed it, more takes. Will Jeremy talk about squares? Hell no.

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