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Saturday open thread: Who are your picks for Super Bowl 2019?

The NFL Playoffs start this weekend, who are your picks to make the Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL Playoffs begin on Saturday with a double-header for Wild Card weekend. 12 teams remain in contention for the Super Bowl, and unlike previous years, it really feels like just about everyone could realistically contend for the title. There aren’t any teams that really snuck into the playoffs, as even the lowest seeds really earned their keep. The 9-7 Eagles won five of their last six, including impressive games against the Rams and Texans. Thet six seed in the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts, have amazingly won nine of their last 10.

There was no backing in. There are no easy outs. These playoffs are going to be a lot of fun.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Who are your Super Bowl picks?

My answer: Y’all aren’t going to like this, but I’m going Chiefs over Bears.

In the NFC, everyone is busy drooling over the offenses of the Rams and Saints. And while I don’t subscribe to the notion that “defense wins championships”—football isn’t simple enough to be whittled down into one clean sentence—I do believe this year, specifically, we’re overlooking the value of what a good defense can get you.

The Bears have won nine of their last 10, and they completely quieted the Rams offense to the tune of just six points a month ago. That should scare a lot of teams, and with Matt Nagy running the other side of the ball, the Bears can do some dangerous things on offense too, despite having a quarterback who is limited.

The AFC is anyone’s guess. The only reason I’m picking the Chiefs is because they’ve been the most consistent team all year. Their defense is certainly going to make them beatable, but every team in this conference has a bad loss or two, and I just have to go with the team that has looked the best the most often this year.

Chiefs-Bears would be an amazing Super Bowl, so I’m secretly rooting for this—especially if it means extra heartbreak for Chicago.

Your turn.