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Lions vs Packers: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the Lions week 6 loss

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I can’t believe I stayed up late for that. I absolutely hate being the guy that bitches about officiating. I mean, I always look at it as an excuse. I usually even jump on the bandwagon full of guys that say stuff like, “Well, the Lions put the game in the hands of refs by not scoring a million points in a sport that’s more often than not won by seven points or less.” But I’m not doing that tonight.

The Lions got hosed. There’s no way around it. Even Packers people fully understand what happened Monday night.

Trey Flowers got called for illegal hands to the face twice Monday night and 100 percent did not commit either penalty. Conveniently, one set up a Packers touchdown after what should have been a Packers punt. The other set the Packers up to run the clock down after the Lions had used all their timeouts.

They also missed a blatant pass interference call on Marvin Jones, allowed Preston Smith to jump offsides for a sack, and if there’s anything else, I honestly just forgot.

How much more should football fans have to take? Yeah, as a Lions guy I’m pissed off, but as a football fan I’m even more pissed off because yet again, a game is won or loss at the hands of guys that aren’t even playing it.

The point is moot. The NFL isn’t going to do anything going forward. They’re going to come out Tuesday and make a statement about how they got it wrong and then just move on. The Lions still have to take the loss and the golden boy Packers get to keep on moving. I mean look at this.

I mean it’s really hard to look at the NFL and its officiating and be rational about it tonight. How can anyone watch that game and not have that feeling that the NFL is rigged creep into the back of their minds? It would make sense, right? The NFL is constantly fellating the Packers in any way they can. Why would they ever want this team to lose? They need their Rodgers vs. Brady show down in the Super Bowl. Gotta get those ratings. These are the things I would say if I believed all of that.

It’s late so I’m going to just touch on a few things now and not get to into it. Because as always, I have thoughts on this game. These are those thoughts.

Justin Coleman is the best signing the Lions have had in years.

Scratch the touchdown he allowed after the refs hosed the Lions. Coleman continues to just be incredible out there. He’s Pro Bowl worthy without a doubt. He deflected three passes and came up with a beautiful heads-up interception in the fourth quarter.

What else am I supposed to say?

It’s really hard to come up with good things to say after that. Matthew Stafford played well and Kenny Golladay had a great game too. The Lions defense did everything it needed to do all night until the officials just wouldn’t let them anymore.

I have a few complaints about small things like why the Lions insist making Kerryon Johnson try to run it up the middle when he’s capable of killing people in space, or why a Lions defender didn’t just throw Aaron Jones into the end zone against his will?

As much as I made fun of it at the beginning, the Lions had a chance to go up 21-0 at the beginning of the game and didn’t. They had chances to create some separation with a touchdown after any of the three turnovers they forced and they didn’t.

I’m upset because it can never be simple. The Lions with all of this talent can’t ever just walk into a building and dominate an opponent with no mercy and run the clock out so we can all take a nap on the couch on Sunday afternoon. It’s just infuriating knowing that you’ll have to carry this around with you for the rest of the week while people at work or friends ask you a million questions about the game. There’s just no getting away from these things.

I still think the Lions are a good team. This game in no way changes my mind on that. The Lions are 2-2-1 and have a very favorable stretch of games coming up now. There’s a lot of football left to e played. So I don’t think anyone should be giving up right now. The Lions will also have another shot against the Packers at home in Week 17. Who knows what that game might mean by then? Until then, here’s a song for Lions fans.

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