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WATCH: Trey Flowers reacts to controversial penalties: ‘I didn’t think hands to the chest was a penalty’

Trey Flowers was obviously a little frustrated in the locker room after Monday’s loss.

Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Detroit Lions defensive end Trey Flowers had a rough end to the game, to say the least. On two crucial third downs in the fourth quarter, Flowers was flagged for an illegal hands to the face penalty. The first gave the Packers a first down, which they turned into a touchdown a few plays later. The second handed Green Bay the opportunity to run the rest of the game clock out to kick the game-winning field goal.

Neither penalty seemed particularly good. (Watch them both here and be the judge)

A clearly emotional Flowers tried to process it all as reporters asked him what he thought about the calls.

“What do you believe happened on those two calls?”

Flowers, not even able to look the reporter in the face, took a good five seconds of silence before answering the question.

“I was working the move... yeah, uh... they saw something different than what actually happened, and they called what they thought they saw,” Flowers said.

And when Flowers got called for the penalty a second time, he was even more flummoxed, because he had adjusted how he was playing because of the first penalty.

“I actually changed the position of my hand,” Flowers said.

Ultimately, Flowers is adamant he did nothing wrong and the refs called something that wasn’t there.

“No, I didn’t think hands to the chest was a penalty. I thought (it was) hands to the face.”

You can see the frustration in Flowers’ face and voice. So what’s going through his head right now? Is it anger? Is it frustration? Is it self-pity?

“I’m ready to get back to work.”

Love this guy.

Watch the interview here:

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