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The Rowe Report: The Detroit Lions aren’t gonna take it anymore, NFL

Monday night’s officiating was atrocious, let’s go over it. However, let’s also go over the plays the Lions could’ve capitalized on to secure a win.

*NOTE: If you see a gray “this contains NFL content” message on the video, it’s OK just click the link to watch it on YouTube.

You’ve done it again, NFL, and this time the whole world got to watch.

Between the Calvin Johnson rule, the overturned PI call in the 2014 wildcard playoffs, 10-second runoffs against the Falcons—I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the Lions fan base so angry.

You’d have to be living under a rock to miss the extreme frustration emanating from Detroit after a 23-22 loss to the Packers on “Monday Night Football”.

I’ve seen arguments of all types—those focused solely on the atrocious officiating and those saying well, the Lions really need to learn to capitalize in crucial moments.

The thing is: Both of those can be true. Believing the Lions need to be more offensively efficient and SCORE—and being frustrated with bad officiating are not mutually exclusive. You can feel both ways.

In this week’s Rowe Report, we first go over the horrible calls and take a look at video, then we go into excruciating detail about all the times the Lions squandered opportunities to win.

Warning: First minute may make you wanna punch a wall.

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Kellie Rowe is a contributor from Fox 2 News.

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