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PODcast says yes, actually, it is fair to blame this one on officiating

The POD crew goes live and on fire about a terrible game that has put egg on the face of the league.

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Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The lack of satisfaction with a sequence of events leads invariably to conspiracy theories. Plausible explanations become cover-ups and every cloud a UFO. For the Detroit Lions fanbase, the damn fix has been in for years. To what end the NFL seeks to keep the Lions down, to these souls, I am not aware; it seems trivial to crush the hearts of a middling market and a wayward franchise. But nobody understands the machinations of the Bilderbergs anyway.

Regardless, I don’t think you need to invoke #DetroitvsEverybody on this game. It was bad officiating, the likes of which we have seen across the league this entire season. But at the same time, it’s irresponsible to simply wave it away and say the Lions should have scored more.

That’s enough of a tease. To find out more you’ll have to listen to the opening monologues, rants and analysis you’ve come to know and love in the Pride of Detroit PODcast. It’s ready for you just around the bend.

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This week on the PODcast

  • What else are we talking about? Officiating! Comfort food for a very upset city.
  • Some talking heads think the Lions should score more points to avoid a hosing. But that’s just not fair to the reality of what the NFL is.
  • ...But the Lions still should have finished drives in the red zone too. We discuss a terrible outing for the Detroit offense and explore why it’s just not working.
  • Jeremy lays out his frustrations with proposed changes to the NFL officiating schemes, while I’ve just gone full Luddite.
  • The Lions still has trouble in the front seven. News at 11.
  • Mailbag!

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